LERP: The smooth operator

The algorithm used in computer graphics, animation and data analysis, enables smooth interpolations or transitions between two values.

jotted on February 28th 2024 18:02

šŸ’¾ Database Optimization Tips for Improved Query Performance

Unlock the full potential of your database with these expert tips and best practices for optimizing query performance. Whether you're dealing with large datasets, complex joins, or subqueries, our comprehensive guide covers it all. Learn how to create efficient indexes, make the most of SQL functions, choose the right joins, and much more. Boost your application's speed and responsiveness with these proven techniques.

jotted on October 13th 2023 17:10

NextJS: Window returns undefined

A quick fix to when NextJS return window is undefined when you import a lib that isn't a react library rather one that requires window

jotted on April 6th 2023 09:04

How to create a rounded triangle with Canvas in Javascript, [The easy way]

A simple way that enables you to create a rounded triangle with the Canvas API.

jotted on November 28th 2022 13:11

CSS Pro Tips

A list of tips to make your CSS life easier.

jotted on April 20th 2022 10:04

The Newsletter Service: The Progress

What's the current progress on the Saas am working on, the name I gave it and so much more.

jotted on March 15th 2022 22:03

How to update caddy's new reverse proxy items

A short description on how to update a new entry in your Caddyfile and load the changes with caddy

jotted on March 11th 2022 07:03

How to protect Next.js routes with getServerSideProps

How to implement route protection in Next.JS with getServerSideProps

jotted on March 3rd 2022 00:03

The Newsletter Service: The Requirements

Outlines the system requirements for the newsletter service

jotted on February 20th 2022 10:02

The Newsletter Service: The Idea

A platform that houses all your newsletter issues in one place.

jotted on February 16th 2022 23:02

How to move your .ssh generated keys to a new laptop.

A simple step-by-step process on how to transfer your ssh keys from one Unix-based os to another.

jotted on February 16th 2022 17:02

Defi: The noob version

What is Defi, what's the difference between Dapps and how to get started

jotted on November 19th 2021 22:11