How to update caddy's new reverse proxy items





How to update caddy's new reverse proxy items

In this article, I am assuming a couple of things that you have already done:

  • You already have a domain pointing to your VPS this can be on
    • Digital Ocean
    • Linode
    • AWS Lightsail
    • Vultr --> Basically any platform that enables you to spin up your own Linux server
  • You already have Caddy installed and it's running on port 2019 locally or something else.
  • The port you want to point the domain to is currently running in the background, use something like pm2 to achieve that.

On to the point

  • Update your Caddyfile to add a new entry something like this
  • Generate JSON file from your Caddy file
  • Update your caddy.json file
  • Lastly, load your caddy.json file

That's basically it