The Newsletter Service: The Progress





The Newsletter Service: The Progress

What's the name?

The Saas will be called Rua, it's a short form of the Swahili word Barua, which means mail in English.

What's the progress so far?

  • I don't post that much about Rua, am new to this build-in public thing, I did not want to reveal the name at first, because domains were not acquired yet.
    • I bought two domains:
      • One to point to the backend and frontend i.e. api.***.*** and just the base domain for the frontend.
      • The other for the custom emails i.e. jane-doe@*****.**
        I will not mention the domains in this article, Rua is not quite finished yet, but it's close enough to launch.
  • I also update the smtp server to use the new domain, and all new emails going forward will use that.
  • The frontend is hosted on Vercel, a great platform
  • The backend is hosted on a linux server on AWS, specifically the Lightsail product. I plan to move it to an EC2 instance and cache it using the GraphCDN for faster requests on the client.