2022 Review





2022 Review

I haven't done a yearly review before, this will be my first time. Hopefully, I do this every year going forward, sort off build a streak from this.

So here goes.

My career transition and everything I learned

Being a full-stack developer for close to 4 years now, I have learned a lot, like a lot, stuff I would never have taken a deep dive into if I never worked in with teams that never challenged.

Earlier this year I left the second company I worked for it was a logistics company called Quatrix that handle most transportation of goods around my country. I was fortunate enough to meet great people working there and learned what happens behind the scenes handling logistics companies.

The industry is complex and I actually understood and respect any entreprenuer starting anything around it, it's a business that needs balls as it interacts with a lot of local laws, trust amongst stakeholders, and understanding consumer behaviors, there is just a lot to it besides software.

Enough of me jabbering about the complexities this is my yearly review ain't it? Being involved in the tech side of things, I worked with experienced individuals and even gained a couple of skills, these are mobile development and managing Linux servers.

Apart from that, I learned a really important lesson that will follow me in my software development career and that is knowing the value of my skills.

I eventually left the company in February as I got a better paying job in a different industry, gaming and not gaming as in gambling but game development.

I went entirely freelance, and although a risky decision, it suited me as I could now work remotely, not having to worry about being robbed when on the commute, feeling fatigued every moment I got home from work. It was a positive change that has allowed me to improve my skills and become a better software developer.